Friday, August 19, 2011

Halloween Lovelies Jack and Tom

Hello All,
Yes, it is that time again for Halloween!!!! My most favorite time of the year!!! I am excited to share these little gems with you. They are Mae's Closet originals. I am thrilled to announce that there are two this year. . . . . Jack the pumpkin and Tom the Cat. I had a lot of fun creating each one. They are hand made and inspired from an old 1920's German version.The heads are super unique.... hand painted and made from a macadamia nut shell, their bodies from my handmade mold. They are composed of Paper Mache and various embellishments. Each one stands about 4 1/2" tall. They (of course) will be signed, dated and numbered for authenticity. I will only be making a limited number of these and they go fast!! Feel free to e-mail me for questions.


  1. I love them!!! They are so cute!!! Wow, you are a great artist.

  2. Nice additions Liz, they are so fun to look at! I love the authenticity of them, very creative!

  3. Just so so perfect! I adore them! I soooo need to start a Mae's Closet collection!!


  4. Jenny, thanks for your sweet comments!