Saturday, January 22, 2011

Here Comes Spring!

Spring is just around the corner. I cannot wait!!!! This is my 2011 spring spool doll. She is full of spring color. I decided to add some extra charm to her by including a fun chunky hand soldered charm. It's amazing what a little "bling" can do :). Her body is wound with a pale pink and cream vintage style twine. And of course she is signed and dated for authenticity.

This is my “Spring Lady”. She is the first in my “2011 Ladies Series”. The inspiration for her came from Easter memories as a child and watching the Classic movie “Easter Parade”. I can remember watching those lovely ladies walking down the street in their beautiful dresses and hats. I wanted to design her with a feeling reminiscent of that Era. Her face has been hand painted with that “typical china doll look”. She has a robin-egg blue color in her eyes and beautiful golden hair.. (did I mention it took me 5 steps to finally achieve that perfect color?? definitely worth it though ). She is wearing a vintage style sage dress that bears those timeless Easter colors.

Christmas 2010

This was my "Little Lady" for Christmas. I ended up finding fabric for her dress at an antique shop... they always seem to have the perfect color of fabric. She is adorned with some silver tinsel and a beautiful bright halo.This is my full sized Lady. She was so much fun to create. I love, love the fun red and white and of course she needed a beautiful bright star. Her top is made from a vintage hand embroidered fabric. I love to upcycle vintage fabrics... bright vintage colors that are just perfect and add that vintage charm. I finished these just before Thanks giving and ended up with a total of 28 in all for the doll shop. (4 large, 12 spool, 12 small) Merry Merry!!!