Friday, August 19, 2011

Halloween Lovelies Jack and Tom

Hello All,
Yes, it is that time again for Halloween!!!! My most favorite time of the year!!! I am excited to share these little gems with you. They are Mae's Closet originals. I am thrilled to announce that there are two this year. . . . . Jack the pumpkin and Tom the Cat. I had a lot of fun creating each one. They are hand made and inspired from an old 1920's German version.The heads are super unique.... hand painted and made from a macadamia nut shell, their bodies from my handmade mold. They are composed of Paper Mache and various embellishments. Each one stands about 4 1/2" tall. They (of course) will be signed, dated and numbered for authenticity. I will only be making a limited number of these and they go fast!! Feel free to e-mail me for questions.

Spool Doll Starter Kit

If you are inquiring about the starter kit for my "Spool Ladies" that were featured in the Fall 2011 Holidays and Celebrations Magazine please e-mail me at: The kit is $45.00 and includes 1- vintage doll head, 1- set of arms, 1- vintage spool(without thread), 1- wood disc for base w/ dowel and cardboard disc. You may purchase a kit for $55.00 if you want the head and arms painted before shipment. Above is a sample picture of a complete doll for reference.