Friday, July 9, 2010

Lady Liberty 2010

Here she is my Lady Liberty! Her skirt was made from an old retired 1940's American Flag. My husbands grandmother who lived back east gave me some of her old lace and that is what I used to embellish her blouse. I love July, the fireworks the patriotism, the warm weather, what a fun time to be with family and friends. One of my favorites!

***Please Check back in August for the 2010 Halloween Line!***

"Spool Ladies"

I absolutely loved making these!! I found some old bobbin spools online and decided to turn them into these unique little creations. Each one has it's own vintage embellishments along with a fun vintage key. Made 100% by hand from start to finish. Each one is also signed and dated.

"Little Ladies"

These are some of my latest "Little Ladies" They measure about 6"-8" tall and were so much fun to create. Each one is original in its own way. All of my "Little Ladies" are embellished with refurbished vintage items. From a retired 1940's American Flag to rhinestone earrings. And of course each one is signed and dated.